About leadwork

While decorative leadwork has adorned buildings of heritage for hundreds of years, its place in moden architecture is no less apparent. Lead however is not an easy material to work with and to attain the full benefits both aesthetically & functionally, it is well worth consulting a skilled and experienced tradesman. Indeed, installed professionally your leadwork should provide well over 100 years of service.

Crown leadwork is a family run business providing the highest standard of workmanship. Trained by the Lead Sheet Association, we are able to assure you of a quality job combined with an excellent service. Regardless of the size involved Crown Leadwork is commited to customer satisfaction.

The Green Choice

Lead is the perfect “green” option when it comes to choosing your roof coverings.  While it should last a lifetime if fitted by a professional, when it does need replacing the materials are highly recyclable.

Reclamation uses little energy and as a result there is an effcient recovery network in the UK that ensures over 95% of lead is recycled.

Compared with its short lived substitutes and their significant effect on global warming both in production and disposal, specifying lead is the environmentally friendly option.